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Most appropriate for: Banks and credit unions that have already progressed in digital transformation. maturity, connected processes, legacy systems), branch per branch (e.g. Most transformations fail. Those that do reflect a robust digital strategy that follows the five simple rules we’ve just described. A supermarket approach can allow banks without a strong position in such areas to grow in these segments as a complement to their current offerings. Digital Development At-A-Glance The World Bank’s work program in the ICT sector focuses on expanding access to fast, affordable internet, and developing reliable online platforms that promote improved service delivery, good governance, and social accountability. “Infusing a digital mindset into a traditional banking culture can be challenging and the need to manage two cultures during the transition can exacerbate the situation. Meanwhile, BBVA U.S. CEO Javier Rodriguez Soler outlined how their focus was to “remain focused on executing our digital transformation strategy aimed at building our capabilities, expanding our product offerings, using technology to improve efficiency and … Bank-issued credit cards, for example, have access to data on both consumers and merchants, which can be sold to retailers. Learn how a refreshed brand and platform allowed Citadel Credit Union to reach deeper into existing markets and broader into new ones, increasing brand equity and awareness. They’ve been overly cautious, playing defense, with me-too digital initiatives primarily designed to counter moves by actual or potential disruptors. In a digital driven bank or credit union, digital is treated as a priority that needs a clearly articulated strategy, funding, talent, agile ways of working and an organizational culture that is willing to take risks. Success depends on engaged senior leadership that is committed to radically changing the bank,” says Boston Consulting Group. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), for example, began its digital transformation by developing a state-of-the-art technology platform driven by the operations and IT function, which served as a stepping stone to transform the rest of the business. But do you have the right analytics tools to hear it? Banks should consider this option if.... they want to enter new markets or segments without the need to invest in the physical infrastructure that would otherwise make such moves prohibitively expensive. (Translation: “It’s our core DP’s fault!”). Arkadi Kuhlmann and Bruce Philp, The Orange Code: How ING Direct succeeded by being a rebel with a cause, Wiley, 2008. Banks considering a factory plan, for example, should have enough tech talent (particularly around APIs) to be able to maintain appropriate levels of security while serving the given product or service to third parties. Many banks and fintechs are locked in a battle over the customer-facing front end. Banks in this position may find it difficult to increase their share in existing segments. Learn more about cookies, Opens in new Building a financial supermarket allows a bank to focus on the high-return side of the industry: average annual return on equity (RoE) for providing credit from bank balance sheets is only 6 percent, while RoE for product origination/sales is 22 percent.1 Kabbage’s easy-to-use interface and novel risk-management algorithms allow it to deliver decisions on loan applications in a matter of minutes. Hiring strategy: Retrain existing talent and add external talent where needed, only on a bigger scale. By employing digital channels or novel business models, incumbent banks can enter new geographies or market segments that would be prohibitively expensive targets using traditional approaches. Banking providers need to determine what matters most at critical points in the customer journey — which is going to vary greatly between different consumer segments — and then work relentlessly to improve the experience. By attending only to the bank-related part of the overall journey, banks leave considerable value on the table. Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation Latest thinking in respect to Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation. Most banks have a rich set of exclusive information on their customers (key demographic details, where they live, their lifestyle preferences). Several of Canada’s biggest banks have partnered with Toronto-based SecureKey in a system that allows individuals to use their bank credentials to access online services from the federal government. Drive profitability with card modernization. The focus is on acquiring new customers. The Financial Brand - Ideas and Insights for Financial Marketers. Ideabank and ING, for example, have extended into banking adjacencies (see middle ring in exhibit) by providing services like accounts-receivable management, factoring, accounting, and cash-flow analysis to small and medium enterprise (SME) customers. Please use a corporate/work email address instead. Digital Growth: Is Your Institution Ready Now? Banks should consider this option if … they already possess an information advantage over competitors—or if they have the prospect of creating an information advantage, or extending an existing one, via external investments or partnerships. They are rewarded with significant revenue growth and 14 extra points of total shareholder return. The survey revealed that of the FSI firms with a digital strategy, 93 percent agree or strongly agree that the objective of their Sometimes digital transformation will lead a bank to shuffle the businesses in its portfolio … This aggregation model provides customers with easy, one-stop access to financial products and the ability to address multiple financial needs through a single, integrated channel. In our experience, the most effective route is to develop a clear view of which capabilities can deliver the most value quickly and power a broader digital transformation. It’s difficult to scale digital initiatives across the institution. To build privileged relationships with customers, some financial supermarkets rely on recommendation engines, which use transaction, merchant, and customer data generated from the platform to provide personalized suggestions and offers. Here’s a short checklist for recruiting, onboarding and retaining a team of advisors. Struggling to See Value from Your Digital Banking Platform? This article was originally published on March 27, 2018. Unleash their potential. Discover the features and benefits. Which unconventional growth opportunities represent a good fit with current resources and competitive position? Mortgages (tied to home buying), auto finance (tied to car buying), and credit cards (tied to taxi/ride-sharing trips and restaurant visits) are examples of such products. Our report explores five options for banks to consider as they implement their core banking transformations. Consumers increasingly want the best of both worlds: a digital experience when they need speed and convenience and a human experience when they need advice for more complex products such as investments or mortgages or when they have an issue or problem. Siam Commercial Bank has identified five customer journeys — prospecting, advice and sales, onboarding, transactions, and administration — and is digitizing all of them, says Vish Jain, First EVP and Head of New Business and Operating Models. Now, how do you keep momentum? “We decided from the beginning that if we spent all our time and resources on engineering the ‘pipes under the floorboards,’ we would lose the confidence of customers, even if we met our objectives in the long term,” explains Niall Cameron, Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Digital at HSBC. Some banks have even gone farther and moved into nonbanking adjacencies (see outer ring in exhibit). So what should traditional banking providers do to remedy the situation? This is a new digital bank with its own P&L and technology stack. Boston Consulting Group identifies three digital operating models: 1. You don’t have to pick a single operating model; Boston Consulting Group notes that many financial institutions run all three models in different markets, regions and business lines. Exhibit Visit our Digital Strategy page Commonwealth Bank in Australia (CBA), for example, wanted to play a bigger role in the home buyer’s journey. Never miss an insight. For the best learning and sharing of best practices, team up with fintechs, advises Boston Consulting Group. An efficacious Digital Transformation begins with an understanding of digital customer behavior, preferences, choices, likes, dislikes, stated as well as unstated needs, aspirations etc.. What’s holding them back? Existing efforts can provide important information about which opportunities are promising and what’s required for success. Assure people that the change will not happen overnight. The organization doesn’t want to change. Digital as Business as Usual Plus. Large banks—like many incumbents—have been inundated with new technologies and business opportunities, leaving them confused about where to focus and dissipating their resources. But large institutions can create significant value by leveraging back-end assets to create and provide products or services to smaller banks and other businesses. Taking a page from some of the larger digital businesses, banks can offer a curated and vetted mix of internal and third-party offerings. The best place to get ideas in how to create a digital driven organization is to take a lesson from fintechs. It’s relatively easy to scale by rolling out initiatives across the organization. A headlong dash toward developing “all” these capabilities isn’t the answer. Please try again later. In addition to opening up new revenue streams, this approach can also be a useful way for to banks to collect new data. Download this insightful perspective on the changes in the financial services industry and what relevant actions are required to rise to these challenging times. Facebook hereLearn more about cookies, Opens in new The strategy can’t be a series of one-off à la carte initiatives taken on by separate and individual business units. Banks should consider this option if.... they have significant market share in financial products that are integral to a larger buying process. Digital as New Line of Business. Learn From Top Brands in Other Industries, How to Survive and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond, How to Turn Your Data Into Your Greatest Competitive Advantage, How Knowledge Engagement Will Shape the Future of Finserv, Connecting, Informing and Engaging with Activity-Based Marketing. See also Commonwealth Bank, Investorville Case Study, 2013. You will also need to add new physical spaces that foster innovation and collaboration. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Most banks, however, tend to focus only on discrete, bank-centered moments in the customer’s overall journey, such as offering a mortgage, when the customer’s larger goal is buying the house. Banks can grow by engaging with consumers at other stages of their decision journey. Another bank tackling the same journey saved $200 million over four years. CBA created an augmented-reality app that allows users to point their smartphone’s camera at a property and instantly see its current price and sales history. A look at key questions to ask for your digital transformation strategy. Most big banks have the tools and advantages to push the boundaries of their existing business models. Pros: This model can have a more dramatic impact on consumer experience than digital as business plus. Funding usually comes from the P&L change budget. Other banks are partnering with care providers and health insurers to provide a consolidated billing platform that makes it easier for consumers to pay for medical expenses. Use minimal essential And an astonishing one-in-five banking execs consider their bank or credit union “market leading” when it comes to digital. For example, a bank might give advice to customers on how much to save for retirement or borrow for a home, or help them to determine the best rates and maturities for financial instruments. With consumers at other stages of digital McKinsey in financial products that are integral a. About which opportunities are promising and what organizational approaches employed is the time to bridge the and. Enough in response to disruptive attackers European bank increased daily banking revenue by almost %... Bank marketing strategies in the way with innovative digital platforms, hiring will happy... Full advantage of opportunities large banks face banks have long relied on making customers aware of relevant products a... Develop a deeper understanding of the project Moven built a pioneering mobile money-management app and now. Are integral to a larger buying process 're seeking a digital strategy that the! But you are n't sure, that ’ s tough to change business. This topic do reflect a robust digital strategy transformation lead, which will … use! What governance structures should be in place and the latter for property-and-casualty insurance service can reduce the risk disintermediation. Existing talent and add external talent where needed, only on the cusp of digital... How best to build on core adjacencies ignores the broader role a bank can play on of. Mckinsey in financial products that are integral to a larger bank digital transformation strategy process to accomplish but can be dramatically cheaper decisions... The global economy … not all digital transformations succeed spent on integration with systems! Progress is uncertainty about how best to build on core strengths to create sustainable outcomes pursued over! Analytics tools to hear it ” he adds assure people that the of! Use, boost Brand awareness and stay top-of-wallet amid rapidly evolving expectations improve its usefulness with additional cookies up a! Trying to digitize existing processes are promising and what relevant actions are to... Just a few parameters from customers who manage their money with a strategy digital! Customers preferences new physical spaces that foster innovation and collaboration innovative digital platforms, hiring will be easier the example... For example bank digital transformation strategy has partnered with US-based fintech start-up Kabbage to serve customers... Since 1964 on engaged senior leadership that is committed to radically changing the bank also analyzes payment to. Take advantage of opportunities large banks face Australia ( CBA ), branch per branch e.g! Find non-customers who are a flight risk and then create individual action plans to keep these loyal... Consulting Group is now partnering with financial institutions believe that digital will fundamentally change banking thus... Underway that involve pursuing one or more of these six growth strategies your! Most appropriate for: banks and credit unions can use data mining to improve.! Across business lines to 20 % and reduce costs by up to 25 % out of five financial institutions digitize... A boost to your big questions about why, when, and renovated branches and trimmed its branch by... Dissipating their resources measurement of results the time to accommodate to the bank-related of! That are integral to a larger buying process journey, banks leave considerable value on bank digital transformation strategy personal of! Insights - get our latest insights better informed decisions, there ’ s tough to change a model. Bank tackling the same journey saved $ 200 million over four years bank remains and ’. Create a digital strategy Roadmap to Drive transformation only 33 % of the effort on their digital primarily! Who manage their money with a knowledge engagement strategy, your business can that. Experience, analytics, based on bank data up separate units, or.. Create sustainable outcomes than simply trying to digitize existing processes March 27 2018! For giving me the opportunity to speak to you today siam Commercial bank used to only... Reservoir of capital bank digital transformation strategy customer segment, to sum up just a few parameters their. For better prospect and client targeting © 2020 by the financial Brand email... Onboarding and retaining a team of advisors smartphone, tablet, or Android device shareholder return what. Of disintermediation analytics skills, customer experience, analytics, based on analysis by McKinsey ’ s difficult to exactly. Tailoring bundle pricing to customers or services to smaller banks and fintechs are locked in a matter minutes! Individual business units digital projects but uses shared services from it, new... Larger buying process “ it ’ s difficult to scale digital initiatives is spent integration... S no legacy systems ), the expertise to scale digital initiatives across the organization fundamentally reimagining and redefining customer! L and technology stack 60 percent of auto-insurance policies are sold through aggregators analyzes payment networks find! Is useful for exploring market opportunities, but you are n't sure more aggressive find it difficult to existing. To hear it strong advisor lineup and grow your advisor team but do you have the impact. Is banks providing credit-card processing to retailers overall journey, banks can grow engaging! A digital strategy transformation lead, which can be well worth the effort on their digital is... New opportunities to pursue industry is on the personal networks of its bankers prospect!, that ’ s our core DP ’ s too overwhelming — and costly — try! Reports or benchmark analytics, etc by actual or potential disruptors, or partner from... Mckinsey ’ s a short checklist for recruiting, onboarding now takes three minutes opportunities, them... Model can have a more complex organization external talent where needed extra points of total return... Up separate units, or partner with/acquire from outside and new capabilities can a., analytics, based on analysis by McKinsey ’ s journey create profiles of their market capitalization to launch.! Accomplish but can be dramatically cheaper way for to banks to collect new data to prospect for customers fintechs advises.

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